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Interview with artist Lama Ahmed | EP11 Subtext & Discourse Podcast

September 8, 2019

Continuing our series of interviews with Postcard Salon participants, today's episode features young artist Lama Ahmed. Based in Cairo, Egypt, Lama is an artist, graphic designer and poet, currently working towards her MFA in design with a focus on materials. Her image included in the show was from the first issue of her self published magazine Habashtakanat which explores the visual culture of Cairo and the many makeshift solutions that can be observed throughout the city

This week is also Berlin Art Week, official starting on Wednesday the 11th of September 2019 and continuing until Sunday the 15th September:

The 15th will also mark six years since we opened Jarvis Dooney back in 2013.

Interview with Lama Ahmed recorded with Michael Dooney on 20. April 2019 in Berlin, Germany; coinciding with the 2019 Jarvis Dooney Postcard Salon. 




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