Subtext & Discourse

Catherine Evans, multi-disciplinary artist utilising photography, sculpture & installation | EP29 Subtext & Discourse

August 3, 2020

Catherine Evans is a Berlin-based Australian artist who works across photography, sculpture and installation. Her work focuses on geologic time and where this intersects with our own human timescales: as found in our bodies, their materiality and our lived-histories through colonialism and archaeology. Initially trained in science, and then photography, her work is characterised by a material intimacy that subverts the utility of everyday materials such as rocks, carpet and sticky tape to give unexpected shifts in our perception of light, weight and balance.

After completing her studies at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, she was recipient of a VCA Graduate Mentorship (2013) and Georges Mora Fellowship (2017). She has exhibited widely, most recently her work "Standing Stone" won first prize in the 2020 Neuköllner Kunstpreis, Berlin.

Interview with Catherine Evans recorded by Michael Dooney on 15. May 2020 in Neukölln, Berlin.


SEBASTIAN DE LA LUZ (audio engineering)

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